Brown Sugar Savers & Bread Warmer

Bread Warmer

$ 8.99
Terra Cotta 5 x 3 Inch Bread Warmer Tile

Imagine what it would be like to have warm bread or rolls during your meal.

This has always been a challenge and now it is possible.

The JBK Bread Warmer is a terra cotta ceramic tile featuring a sliced baguette relief design which can be heated in a variety of ways, including the oven, toaster, or barbecue.

It is then set in a cloth lined basket or dish with bread or buns to keep them warm throughout a meal.

Add that little extra to your dining experience and kick it up another notch by using the JBK Bread Warmer.

Simply heat tile in your oven, toaster, barbecue to keep bread, buns and all your baking warm during your meal.

Product Dimensions: 5" x 3"

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